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What Does A Trabuco And Golf Have In Common?

April 4, 2018 No Comments

Most people would never associate a trabuco (or trebuchet) with the game of golf. However, the trabuco has a lot in common with that game. What common attributes does the trabuco share with golf? The answer to this question has to do with a player’s golf swing. A trabuco works off the same principles as an upside-down golf swing.

When it comes to the physics of a trabuco; this ancient war machine operates on the same principles as someone operating a golf club. When a person swings a golf club, they usually pull the club back behind their body and then release their arms to strike the ball. Every person has a unique way to hit the ball, but everyone performs the same basic movements to strike their club into it.


This engineering principle is the reason why a trabuco is able to hurl a payload at a great distance. A trebuchet operates by bringing the arm downward toward the base of the weapon according to Once the arm is in position it is held into place by a lever or rope. When the lever is released, or the rope cut, the ammunition on the trabuco is then hurled far into the air toward its target.

Remember that the end of the arm on the trabuco has a counter weight that sits high into the air when the unit is in place. Then when the arm is released the counter weight goes down. This extra weight helps to propel the payload at a great distance. While golfing and the trabuco will never be used in the same setting, these two different items share the same mechanical and engineering principles according to Ultimately, that is what the trabuco and golf have in common.

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