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Victroria Doramus: A Media Personality at the Forefront in the Fight Against Alcohol and Drug Addiction

October 5, 2018 No Comments

Victoria Doramus has a moving story to tell. Well, she managed to maintain her career at a high level as a market trend analyst specialized in consumer retail trends and global market. She worked with various companies such as Trendera, Stila Cosmetics, Mindshare, among many others.

Her story entails her struggle with drug as well as alcohol addiction. The journey to recovery was a long one. Having experienced that, she has endeavored to help people with drug and alcohol addiction in their fight to overcome it. She shares her experience as an alcoholic and drug addict to people in the same situation in an effort to help them get out of the menace.

Work and education background

After graduating from the University of Colorado with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication, she started working at Mindshare as an assistant media planner. Later, Victoria Doramus moved to Stila Cosmetics serving as a creative assistant. Well, she moved from company to another in a trajectory that depicted a good career development. She gained a vast experience and sound knowledge in the industry having tackled routine challenges that came a long while executing her various duties.

The struggle with alcohol and drug addiction

She developed an addiction to cocaine and Adderall without realizing it until she hit rock bottom. Coming to the realization that she was deeply into it, she couldn’t get herself out of the addiction. She went to several rehabs in vain. In 2016, she made up her mind to go to rehab in 2016 in another effort to fight the addiction.

She fought the addiction for 15 years and Victoria Doramus gave it one last shot at Burning Tree. Cutting the long story short, after 6 months in the facility, she had won the fight. Burning Tree marked her turning point and since then, she has never looked back.


She devoted her efforts and time to help drug addicts to overcome the addiction. She is involved in various philanthropic activities and Amy Winehouse Foundation, Best Friends Animal Society Women’s Prison Association as well as Room to Read are some of the organizations she is currently working with.

On-going fight

Aside from the many organizations she is working with, she is looking to start a halfway house in the New York City. Victoria Doramus has immersed herself fully into philanthropic activities because she does not want anyone to go through what she went through.

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