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The History And Goals Of End Citizens United

April 4, 2018 No Comments

Politics were drastically changed by a decision the Supreme Court reached in 2010. This involved the case of Citizens United vs. F.E.C. Following the premise of corporations are people the Supreme Court allowed money to be spent by the wealthy, corporations and special interest groups for United States elections. There was no limit placed on the amount of money these groups were able to spend and the funds are not traceable. This means United States elections can now be essentially bought.

On March 1st of 2015 End Citizens United was created for the purpose of battling the big political funding groups. Many of these groups are operating with ulterior motives and are will to pay for the elections to turn out the way they want. End Citizens United does not receive any of their financing from big money donations. All their funding is through grassroots donations. End Citizens United has made a strong commitment to try to eliminate Citizen’s United. They are working hard to help in the elections of pro-reform candidates, make certain all the money used for politics remains in the forefront and so much more.

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The official launching of End Citizens United occurred in August of 2015. They raised a total of $2 million to support their goals and every penny came from small donors. The Communications Director for End Citizens United is Richard Carbo. He stated the entire cycle of the group is expected to receive additional donations totaling between $25 and $30 million.

End Citizens United has currently only backed pro-reform Democratic candidates. This is something that has been pointed out by the critics. The group has acknowledged this criticism. They believe there are numerous Independent and Republican voters in agreement that the undisclosed political spending has become completely out of control. End Citizens United also believes it is the Republicans prevalent in Congress responsible for preventing the disastrous decision made by the Supreme Court from being overturned. They want these actions to stop. This is why they are giving their support to the candidates championing campaign finance reform that is meaningful and just. End Citizens United has further stated they would support any Independent or Republican candidate that was pro-reform.

The website for End Citizens United provides a complete accounting of what they are doing. They additionally post the most recent news, a page for donations and a page for the candidates with an interest in finance reform. The website explains what people can do to help put an end to Citizens United. They advise people to start their own groups, make posts on the websites for their social media and pass along the word regarding the importance of pro-reform candidates running for election.

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