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Steve Richie Redesigns the Pizza Company

November 5, 2018 No Comments

Creating a good pizza company takes a little bit more than just quality ingredients and good customer service. It also requires a good team and, as Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie has discovered this year, an inclusive corporate culture. By recognizing the needs of his employees and the expectations of the public, Steve Ritchie has created a solid plan to design Papa John’s corporate culture.

When Papa John’s CEO Steve Richie was faced with a challenge this Summer, he didn’t hesitate to jump into action and immediately begin making positive changes. The first step has been a detailed audit of Papa John’s policies, practices, and employee relations. Steve Richie has brought in an independent team to evaluate weak areas within the company and to examine all the areas of unmet potential. Determined to create an inclusive corporate culture, he and his management team have also begun to visit individual stores across the country, talking to the franchise owners and individual team members, seeking their input and determining what the company needs to do to take the next steps.

Armed with the preliminary findings, Steve Ritchie Papa John’s has been working to create a more inclusive corporate culture, one that reflects both the cohesiveness and diversity of the 120,000 Papa John’s team members as well as the communities those team members represent. While customer service and quality ingredients have always been a priority for Papa John’s, Steve Richie is also ensuring that inclusion and equality also become a top priority to all locations. Ritchie also recently issued an open letter to its customers.

While redesigning a corporate culture will take time, Steve Richie has been very open about the steps the company is taking to become more diverse. Through an inclusive plan that focuses on quality, customer service, and diversity, Steve Richie’s redesign of the Papa John’s corporate culture will slowly become a reality, leading the pizza company to new opportunities and a greater success. Follow Papa John’s on Twitter.

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