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Securus Technologies Takes Steps To Curtail The Problems Of Contraband In Prisons

January 10, 2018 No Comments

Securus Technologies is one of the biggest players in the prison communications industry. The company offers a wide range of video and voice calling services to inmates in facilities across the United States and Canada. Ever since the company went massive managerial changes in 2009, with the merger with T-Netix, the company has blossomed into one of the most prominent names in the industry. Currently, the company is being headed by Rick Smith, who leads Securus Technologies from his position of CEO.


One of the defining characteristics of the company is the kind of technology that they implement in the prisons that they are operational in. Securus Technologies puts a lot of stress on the technology that they use and invests a lot in their development. The company tries its best to stay ahead of the competition, and provide top quality services to the inmates who use these services.


In addition to their communications services, the company also offers a range of monitoring systems, to help prisons keep a better watch on their inmates. Often, inmates use the communication services that are provided to contact people and to perform illegal activities, either inside or outside the prisons. To prevent this from happening, the company decided that it would be best to install monitoring systems. These monitoring systems work to record all of the calls that go through the lines that the company has installed. The company has employees who monitor all of the conversations that go on, and report them if anything isn’t within the norms of the prisons that they are in.


Even though Securus Technologies offers inmates some of the most modern communication services, there are still going to be inmates who choose to use contraband cell phones. Because of the monitoring, indulging in illegal activities has become harder for inmates, which is why many of them see this as a way out of this constant intervention. Prisons are always on the lookout to confiscate these contraband, but sometimes, the task can be harder than expected.


To curtail this problem, Securus Technologies decided that they would come out with a solution that would stop inmates from using these contraband cell phones once and for all. With that idea in mind, the company decided that they would install network jammers in all of the places that are operational in. These network jammers block all the service to cell phones that aren’t the ones installed by the company themselves. This entirely prevents inmates from using cell phones that aren’t permitted and allowed in these incarceration facilities.


Securus Technologies has big plans for the development of the services that they offer for the future. They aim to not only improve their services but also reduce the rates for inmates across the country.



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