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Scott Rocklage Adores Life Science

December 21, 2017 No Comments

Scott M. Rocklage, PhD serves as the managing partner of a well-known company that’s called 5AM Ventures. He’s been a major part of the 5AM Ventures team since all the way back in 2003. He worked as a venture partner at that point. He landed his current managing partner position, however, not long after that in 2004. Rocklage has been part of the healthcare management world for more than 30 years now. He’s been a leader during that time period, too. His leadership is so strong that it’s actually brought on FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) approval for a handful of brand new drug applications. These applications were for Cubicin, Teslascan and, last but not least, Omniscan. Dr. Rocklage works out of 5AM Ventures’ Boston location.


Scott Rocklage believes in the power of 5AM Ventures. It’s a venture capital company that puts its attention on life sciences. He has a deep devotion to the life sciences world. That’s the reason he’s able to head to work so early on a daily basis. 5AM Ventures is not called that without good reason, after all. The professionals who work for 5AM Ventures show up to their offices bright and early each morning. Rockland is definitely no exception there.


Rocklage never has ordinary or mundane days. He’s always busy. He spends a lot of time researching brand new life science sectors. He spends a lot of time collaborating with management professionals who work on portfolios, too. Board meetings are always a major focal point for Rocklage. They’re commonplace in the life science field. He devotes a lot of energy to getting board meetings ready for others. He spends a lot of time sitting back and taking in board meetings of all kinds as well.


This professional collaborates closely with entrepreneurs. Examples of these kinds of entrepreneurs are business executives, doctors and scientists. He helps them mold their concepts and bring them to fruition. If they want to create brand new medicines, Rocklage helps guide the way. He assists many people who strive to create solutions for medical matters of all varieties.


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