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Rocketship Education: A Leader in Developing the Student’s Potential

June 29, 2018 No Comments

Rocketship Education is a chain of schools in the United States that was established in 2007. They opened the first ever branch in California, and through the years, the number of branches grew to 18. The school is distinct because of the integration of technology to the learning process, and the parents have lauded the style of teaching that the school is trying to introduce to the students because it makes them learn easier and faster. At Rocketship Education, the priority lies with developing the skills and talents of the students, and they do not focus on their academic performance alone. During national tests, schools under the Rocketship Education system are the ones who are having the highest recorded scores.

Poor American communities are the ones benefiting from the Rocketship Education system. Children coming from less fortunate families are being sent to the schools under the supervision of the system, and they are being covered by vouchers and other discounts presented by the government. The children attending these schools have exhibited an excellent performance rating, because of the methods used by their instructors. Quality education comes first for Rocketship Education, and that is the reason why the school administration wanted the parents to take part in their children’s learning process.

Teachers working for the institution are also giving a lot of attention to the development of their students. It is mandated by the school that teachers should be visiting their students at home, to see their living conditions and to adjust the way of teaching these children. The school management knows that if a teacher can visit the house of the students, they will be able to understand more things about them. This approach has been proven effective because the students who were visited by their teachers started to perform well at school. Their teachers have also helped them to excel in different subjects that they are having difficulties in the past. Rocketship Education is the leader when it comes to transforming the children’s minds for the better, and they are looking forward to seeing these young minds become successful professionals in the future.

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