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Robert Deignan: Creating an Entrepreneurial Path for Others to Follow

February 28, 2019 No Comments

Robert Deignan is a man who grew up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida as a child under the impression that he could do or achieve just about anything he worked hard for and set his mind to. Throughout his childhood, Deignan possessed an innate spirit of confidence that pushed him to pursue the things that were most pleasing to himself and not that of others. Nonetheless, as an avid football fan at the time, Deignan’s unwavering passion for the sport motivated him to play on the football team throughout high school. As a football player, Deignan had become so proficient from playing the sport for several years that he acquired notoriety for his skill that later enabled him to receive a full scholarship to college.

With his scholarship, Robert Deignan chose to attend Purdue University where from 1992-1995 he studied as a business student to graduate with a degree in Business Management. Yet, even with an earned business degree, Robert Deignan still felt compelled at the time to continue playing football—the sport that was near and dear to him. Nonetheless, with a football talent as great as his, Robert Deignan managed to become a professional football player and fulfilled his passion in the NFL from 1997-1998 as a player for the NY Jets and the Miami Dolphins. But after a year of playing in the NFL, Deignan felt as if he hadn’t reached his full occupational potential as an individual. With entrepreneurial achievement in mind, he switched his focus from that of football to that of technological based business. Robert Deignan’s first business project involved his partaking in the creation of the business Fanlink, Inc.—a company that only lasted for a few years. Subsequent to that project was Deignan’s obligation as Executive Vice President for iS3 for more than nine years. However, it would come to be that Deignan’s employment with an Anti-Malware Software Company would inspire him most of all to develop his most globally convenient project to date—ATS Digital Services in Boca Raton, Florida.

Robert Deignan was motivated to create ATS Digital in August 2011 to supply the IT industry with a way to resolve technical issues concerning customers’ need to repair faulty phones, tablets, computers, etc. Through the service of ATS, customer service reps are provided the ability to use screen-sharing technology to troubleshoot devices from afar to eliminate the need for customers to have to travel to receive customer service. Nonetheless, since debuting in 2011, ATS Digital has maintained their consistency in success and CEO/Founder Robert Deignan couldn’t be more proud of having brought his vision to life. Furthermore, in assisting others to bring their professional vision into fruition, Robert Deignan devised 5 simple business tips to follow. According to Deignan, those who seek to become entrepreneurs must learn to become comfortable with making gut decisions because these type of decisions are what feel most right/natural to the individual. In addition to this, one must also learn to analyze the statistical data behind their business prior to launching it. Doing the necessary research eliminates risks by saving time and money. Next, Deignan warns people to never hire friends or family members to aid in business affairs. Doing so could prove to be detrimental to the successful operations of business. Instead, he advises people to hire those who are best qualified to fulfill the objectives of the company. Lastly, the most important piece of advice that Robert Deignan gives is for people to put their motivational means above all else by taking the time to reflect on creative ideas everyday by withdrawing on a periodic basis from the things in life that distract us and keep us from thinking.