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Richard Mishaan Design Is My Favorite Design Company

August 2, 2017 No Comments

Richard Mishaan Design is a top-notch interior design firm that has been offering people artistic interiors for 25 years. Commercial, Hospitality, and Residential clients alike have been dazzled by Richard’s designs, and Richard Mishaan Design has made it on the AD 100 along with Elle Décor A List time and time again. Richard has written two amazing books titled, “Artfully Modern,” and “Modern Luxury,” where he lays out some of his creative processes and amazes readers with beautiful designs that hop off the pages.


My favorite project that Richard Mishaan Design has worked on is a Hamptons Summer Home Vacation Home design. The colors and expansiveness of the design can be felt throughout every bit of the work, and it makes me want to get up and go to the Hamptons right now! His Upper West Side New York Townhouse design is a close second favorite of mine because of its luxurious and solid feel. The way he laid out the furniture as well as the overall decor gives that design a feeling of comfort and spaciousness.


What I love about Richard Mishaan Design is the way he mixes up everything and takes risks by trying new designs. Richard is a self-professed constant student of design and what you find in most of his work is bracing colors and vibrant warm textures. Richard’s wife of 27 years, Marcia, and himself are always up for a good time, and you can find them hanging out together on some of his projects. One recent one of these fun projects was a dinner party where everyone dressed as if they were part of a black-and-white Art Deco-decorated flick. Richard designed the room where the party took place.


When I think of luxurious, spacious design that uses brilliant color and utilizes new techniques constantly, I always think of Richard Mishaan Design. You’ll have to excuse me, now, I am going to have to go peruse some more of his beautiful designs that are posted on the web!