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Papa John’s Steve Ritchie Apology To The Customers

September 26, 2018 No Comments

Reimaging a company from a major drawback can be tricky especially for someone in a leadership position. The pressure is always on the leaders to come up with good problem-solving skills. Steve Richie is a good example of someone who took the high road and got good results from it. He wrote an apology letter while representing the company Papa John Pizza. In the letter, he says that during his stay in the company for over two decades, he’s had nothing but the best interests for Papa John on his mind.

Steve Richie went on to condemn any actions that are against what the company stands for since it reflected a bad picture of the company. With over 120,000 affiliates across the world, the pizza company must have a myriad of perspectives from each person that operates under its wing. These people are affected by the actions of people that hold executive positions.

Steve Richie explained to customers that, in an effort to be better in inclusion and diversification, they’d be employing experts to audit the culture of the company. This attempt will set clear goals by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the company. In addition to that, information would be collected by the senior management team from anyone involved with the Papa John’s Pizza Company. This will mainly constitute feedback from these people. Steve Richie and its shareholders also promised the customers that the company would be transparent while being held accountable for any actions from Papa John.

The letter that Steve Ritchie wrote to the customers was heartfelt and sincere. Steve said he’d be in charge of the transformation process by the company. Steve Ritchie Papa John’s and Papa John’s Pizza at large all hope for a positive feedback from their customers since that’s what will keep them afloat and relevant. The letter was a smart move by the CEO as it showed the compassion that he felt for the customers and employees as well. This was because he pointed out a mistake and owned it as a company while trying to win the hearts of the customers. The people are yet to see the effects of this letter.

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