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Nick Vertucci’s Success in Multiple Ventures

January 22, 2019 No Comments

Growing up was never one walk in the park for real estate mogul, Nick Vertucci. His humble background made things hard for his entire family. At a tender age, his father succumbed to an illness making the situation graver, especially for his mother who had to struggle twice to raise her family.

Nick Vertucci was more than determined to change his fate and that of his family. The age of eighteen saw Nick venture into a small-scale sale of computer accessories. For a couple of years, he registered quite the success, and this motivated him to put more into the business. He chose to keep investing in the business, a decision that he would later regret after the rise of the dot-com era. Technological advancements led to the subsequent failure of his business, leaving Nick in massive debts. Despite this setback, he was persistent in his quest for success and financial freedom.

Nick Vertucci’s Seven Figure Decision

According to a book he recently got published called Seven Figure Decision, Nick made the wisest decision in his life when he took a step into a real estate training institution. In the institution, he went through seven days of training after which he ventured into house flipping as a career. For years, Nick recorded massive successes in the business and turned around his financial status whilst making a name for himself. Owing to his success and the fact it all started at a training institute, he decided to launch the Nick Verticci Real Estate Academy where he trains aspirants like he once was.

Nick Vertucci’s unknown talents

Nick Vertucci is an accomplished poker player. He did his first tournament in the year 2004. Since then, he has played with some incredible players including champions and high stature celebrities, the likes of Jennifer Tilly and Ben Affleck among others.

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