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Louis Chenevert Talks About Investing in Employees

March 8, 2019 No Comments

Louis Chenevert is a businessman who currently serves as the chief executive officer and chairman at United Technologies Corporation. He is also an advisor to Goldman Sachs as its exclusive advisor. Chenevert recently talked about how companies can improve their operations by investing in employees. When a company invests in employees, they will be in position to get more productivity as well as retain most of their workers. Any company that is looking to invest in its employees will benefit by doing a few things. These include creating an optimal workplace, rewarding hard workers, offering an employee scholar program and focus on building a team.

When it comes to investing in employees according to Louis Chenevert, it is a good idea to make the workplace enjoyable for them. A company will want to create an environment that is positive. They will need to avoid having drama in the workplace and individuals with a negative attitude. It is important to avoid office politics as well as employees and staff who can ruin cohesion among the workers. When looking to provide an optimal workplace, companies will benefit by providing things such as arcade games and ping pong tables.

Another way in which companies can invest in their employees according to Louis Chenevert, is to reward hard workers. When a company rewards hard workers, they will encourage more productivity through incentives. A company that is looking to reward hard workers will want to offer gift cards and bonuses. These things will help workers develop a desire to reach certain goals. Along with gift cards and bonuses, it will also be beneficial for companies to reward hard workers with promotions to higher ranking positions as well.

As well as providing a positive work environment and offering rewards to workers, another way to invest in employees is to offer an employee scholar program. Louis Chenevert has said that it is beneficial to offer scholarships for education. Since there are a number of fields that require certain skills and knowledge, getting more training is always important. Employees can get this additional training and education through company funding. As a result, the employees will not have to worry about spending lots of money on their education. This will save them money as well as giving them more skills to meet the companies’ needs.