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Jojo Hedaya and Rosenwald Investments

February 27, 2019 No Comments

Jojo Hedaya is the founder and chief operating officer at Unroll me company which deals with email subscriptions. Over the years many people were having a problem of managing their email accounts. It was complicated to know which messages are important and which to do away with since they pile in the inbox. Jojo Hedaya and other partners including Josh Rosenwald came up with the idea to start to Unroll me company out of frustration. There are millions of subscribers for the Unroll me program. Jojo Hedaya formulated a plan for scanning the email in a second then compiles the subscriptions into one single inbox; this is known as Roll-up system. The subscriber can select the time they weren’t to receive email hence the problem of pilling messages in the inbox have been aided.

Jojo Hedaya began the company at the age of 24 years, setting an example to many young people. He is also a motivational speaker guiding the upcoming entrepreneurs on the strategies they should use in their businesses. In Unroll me company there are more than 45 employees all experts to manage the company and ensure all clients are served with high standard services. Jojo Hedaya believes in teamwork and appreciating the true value of a person to succeed in any business.

Jojo Hedaya encourages entrepreneurs to make their ideas a reality all they need is the confidence to implement them and be ready to take risks. When he and Rosenwald began Unroll me company, they knew there would be some challenges, but instead of giving up they formulated solutions to ensure continuous growth. It’s also important to value your skills more than education; Jojo Hedaya encourages education but he values skills more since a person with skills is better off than a person with just knowledge.

According to Jojo Hedaya, many businesses fail due to lack of confidence from the investors they are afraid of the completion hence put more effort in competing than improving their investments. He urges people to compete healthily; an entrepreneur should invest in something that maximizes their strengths and challenge yourself.