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Joel Friant Capitalizes on the Habanero Pepper Madness

December 8, 2017 No Comments

Getting the most out of each and every harvest is important, no matter what food you grow. This is no different when growing habanero peppers. So, to get the most out of each and every harvest, there are two main questions to keep in mind: when are they ripe, and how do I harvest them?

Are they ready yet?

To begin, always consult the plant packet information from the place where you purchased it. In the case of peppers, the average amount of time is between 75-90 days, depending on contributing factors. When ripe, habaneros will usually be either bright red or bright orange and may have small brown lines when they’re ripe. The bolder their final color, the hotter the pepper will be. Also, the grown pepper should be between 1″ to 2.5″ long and should come easily off the plant. If they don’t come off easily, they’re not done growing.

How do I harvest them?

Start by getting protection for your hands. If you get the pepper oils on your hands, it can irritate your skin, and you definitely do not want it in your eyes. When properly protected, and the peppers themselves are dry, then use a knife or garden shears to safely remove the pepper without harming the plant. Picking the peppers as soon as they’re ripe and taking care not to damage the plan optimizes the harvest.

Ok, now what?

So, you’ve picked your pack of peppers, now what do you do? Fresh habaneros should be stored in a clear bag in the refrigerator’s crisper drawer. They can last in that state for up to two weeks. But, if you’re pushing that limit, you could take a page out of Joel Friant’s book: he found a way to market his peppers to the world. Mr. Friant is the mind behind the ‘original’ habanero shaker that entered the marketplace in 1995. Back on the market, and available on Amazon, the ‘original’ habanero shaker has an amazing blend of heat and flavor. Adding these to any meal can really spice things up.

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