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Jed McCaleb Envisions a More Efficient World for Us All

February 2, 2018 No Comments

Jed McCaleb is world-renowned for his forward-thought regarding the future of online companies, as well as his ability deliver quality products that affect the way we experience the world wide web. In a recent interview, Mr. McCaleb discussed the processes involved in building Jed’s latest company, Stellar, which focuses on reaching the two billion people worldwide that are considered unbanked, as well as a few of his personal keys to remaining successful over the long term. Since introducing the world to the file-sharing platform, eDonkey, in the early part of the decade, Mr. McCaleb has maintained his relevance within the online community; an achievement that he attributes to his ability to stay focused from the inception of a project, until its full realization. As efficiency is one of the primary keys to the development of any project that he is directly involved in, Jed McCaleb makes the most of his workday by building and coding during a time he refers to as “focus mode,” while relegating the business aspects of the company to a time which he refers to as “reactive mode.”

Due to the fact that developing technologies play such an integral role in what he loves to do, Jed McCaleb has stayed abreast of many of the world’s greatest new breakthroughs. At the top of the list is a technology that has him, both, excited and fearful. Artificial intelligence has existed in the human imagination for decades now, finding its roots in the science fiction genre, but in recent years, the ideas surrounding it are coming closer and closer to fruition. Over the next two decades, Jed McCaleb expects artificial intelligence to affect the world in a manner not seen since the onset of the agricultural revolution. If he is correct, efficiency amongst all aspects of life will be greatly improved. He recently joined the non-profit organization, Machine Intelligence Research Institute, as an advisor, helping to ensure that, as artificial intelligence begins to hit a mainstream audience, its possibilities will not be abused or mishandled. Jed McCaleb also actively donates funding to the Machine Intelligence Research Institute.

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