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Facts about Richard Mishaan and His Interior Design Work

August 23, 2017 No Comments

A touch of class is how people refer to Richard Mishaan. Richard’s firm is leading in the world when it comes to interiors and design. Richard Mishaan’s designs can be associated with other iconic interior works in New York like The Shelbourne Hotel and the Trump World Towers.


Richard is one of the most sought-after interior designers in the world. His work is usually unique and stylish, often integrating new and old to create exotic finishes. Richard came to the New York City in 1978 where he then attended New York University to study B.A. Richard also attended Columbia University School of Architecture.


The career of Richard Mishaan Design started as an apprentice at Philip Johnson’s offices in New York. That is where he was able to get a lot of experience in interior design, architecture, and fashion. This type of unique blend, as well as his Colombian heritage, has moved the designer to be in the list A of the best interior designers around the globe. Philadelphians have counted themselves lucky to have some of Richard’s gorgeous pieces that are available at Luxe.


As a world class designer who understands luxury and quality, Richard Mishaan has been the best choice for customers who require a rich blend of designs which are stylish and that ooze sophistication by making a bold statement. Richard is bold in colors, just like the colorful native Colombia city where Mr. Richard spent his childhood.


Richard’s first job in the interior was at the presidential suite of St. Regis Hotel located in New York City. His primary task in the job was designing the interior of that suite to reflect its class. Since his first job, his career has been on the rise. Richard niche is mostly involved in developing hotels and home designs. Mishaan has authored two incredible books, Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury published by Monacelli Press, which is a division of Random House. The artfully Modern book was released in 2014 November.