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Doe Deere Road to Success

March 1, 2019 No Comments

Doe Deere is a Russian woman but was raised in the United States she went to study beauty since she always had a passion for the same. Her road to success was not a walk in the park her family had no money, and they were immigrants hence they could not access various services. While living in the Streets, Doe Deere drew many designs which later were used to enroll her in the design school. She believed in herself and worked very hard to make her dream a reality.

Doe Deere is married to Mark Dumbleton who supports her in all her businesses. Doe Deere is also expectant thus she is a role model to many people as she balances the professional and social life well. Over the years Doe Deere challenges herself each day and formulates new ideas to give people the looks they desire. Doe Deere has always been devoted to providing women good looks, confidence, and motivation. Since 2008, she has been in the beauty industry after launching Lime Crime company. She ensured to offer high-quality products to remove black spots and reduce wrinkles. Lime Crime company has become known across the globe, and many people have given their feedback through social media on how efficient Lime crime products work on them.

Recently, Doe Deere launched Poppy Angeloff company which deals with establishing jewelry for the young generation giving them the opportunity to live lives with confidence and express their emotions through colors. She spent months studying how to make the jewelry designs. As an entrepreneur, Doe Deere believes that there are only three steps to success. One is being passionate and ambitious to build your dream come true; go to the field and collect ideas regarding the same product. The second step involves having a plan to find the necessary resources to start and run the business. It’s also essential to become a customer of your goods to ensure that the product you supply is suitable for the customer. The third step involves taking risks and implement your idea to know if it will be successful or not.