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Chainsmokers’ Popularity Is Taking a Tremendous Direction

June 11, 2018 No Comments

Chainsmokers gladly attended the 60th Annual Grammy Awards held at the Madison Square Garden in New York City on January 2018. ASCAP named Drew Taggart of Chainsmokers as the Co-winner of the Songwriter of the Year. One of their latest hit song if “Somebody” which for the Chainsmokers is the incorporation of pitched up vocal samples and modular synth work. Drew and Alex are the duos that make the Chainsmokers. They have aired their promise on giving extensive tutorials on how they came up with the songs this is just the tip of the iceberg on their composition process.

The Chainsmokers have been on top of the industry with subsequent successes in their journey. Their second single song has hit more than a billion Spotify stream. They are again on top of the Billboard new Dance 100 list. They are the first in the list to be recognized as Dance artist and DJ. The director of the Billboard’s Dance & Electronic Programming, Matt said that the list identifies all individuals with effort in making dancing history through different skills and talents. It is a home for all artist models, club curators, and hard tickets movers as well as hit makers. Chainsmokers hit the top position in the Billboard’s New Dance list. This is regardless the fact that they had only been new in the year by three months and were not expecting such a win. This powerful duo released a single in January 2018 that took a significant move in the music industry. The song features live instrumentations and vocals from Drew Taggart. It is very catchy with a great ability to capture the attention of all kind of fans.


Chainsmokers released a video concerning the song release, and it has attained 136 million views they continued to release more singles in February where fans viewed the videos on YouTube in large numbers. They are gaining much momentum in the industry with their focus being more psyched up. To show their loyalty to the music, some fans have even tattooed their bodies with the lyrics from one of their hit songs showing how big they love the band.