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Bruno Fagali Writes About How Everyone Needs To Follow Corporate Integrity Rules

July 26, 2018 No Comments

Bruno Fagali is an increasingly well-known attorney with his own law firm in Sao Paulo, Brazil; Fagali Law Firm. He has years of experience litigating cases and in-depth knowledge about different aspects of the law such as administrative law, election law, and consumer protection laws.

He has been an attorney since 2006 and has handled cases from a number of different disciplines of the law. He is also the corporate integrity manager for Nova/SB due to his background in anti-corruption law.

There have been a number of high profile cases of corruption in Brazil in recent years. One example that he has written about is Ogilvy Group’s Global CCO being removed from his position for not following compliance rules. When Tham Khai Meng, their chief creative, was let go this company put out a statement declaring that nobody at their ad agency was in so high of a position that the rules of compliance could be ignored.

Bruno Fagali outlined Tham Khai Meng’s career trajectory. He wrote that Meng was born in Singapore, learned his craft in London and New York City, and returned to Singapore so he could lead the ad agency Batey. He joined Ogilvy in 2000 and rose to the top rank of executives. However, he then broke compliance rules and was asked to resign.

This is an area that Bruno Fagali closely follows, being an attorney and corporate integrity manager. He wrote that in order for an integrity program to really and truly be effective absolutely everybody at an organization needs to follow it no matter how senior of a role they have. He wrote that everyone needs to closely follow and respect not just the internal rules a company sets but also the external rules that are put in part by a state.

Bruno Fagali says that no matter who you are, even a Nobel Prize winner, you are responsible for following an integrity program in place where you work. He points to Tham Khai Meng who despite being one of the most important creative professionals in the world he was removed from his job because he wouldn’t follow the rules.

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