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Bruno Fagali Initiated A Corruption Free Society In Brazil

August 1, 2017 No Comments

Bruno Fagali is among the most successful Brazilian attorneys and entrepreneurs, with vast knowledge in legal systems. Bruno Fagali has been practicing as an independent attorney through his firm Fagali Advocacy. Bruno Fagali fight against corrupt public offices has earned him a lot of followership and criticism at the same time.

Bruno Fagali specializes in the following legal fields;

* Administrative law
* Urban law
* Regulatory law
* Compliance law
* Electoral and ethics law

Besides representing his clients in court, Bruno Fagali also works as the Integrity Manager for Nova/SB Company where he ensures that everything in the company is conducted by the code of ethics.

His efforts have helped the giant advertising company to carve a niche in the competitive Brazilian advertising industry and even making other companies model his way of handling integrity issues.

Bruno Fagali also fights for advocates for uniform treatment of employees through elimination of wage disparities and the likes.

Bruno Fagali acquired his ethical edge especially in business endeavors during early years of his profession. Before earning full employment, Fagali served in many firms as an intern. Through it, he gained skills and connections that helped him further his career.

Bruno Fagali is an alumnus of Pontifical Catholic University based in Sao Paulo where he studied bachelor’s degree in Law then later pursued master’s degree in Anti-Corruption and Administrative Law. He has also attended several other law mini-courses.

Professionally, Bruno Fagali is a member of several attorneys’ associations based in Brazil.

Bruno Fagali is also among the recipients of scholarship from the University of Sao Paulo where he helped the school upgrade their teaching programs.

Bruno Fagali has represented prominent people, politicians, and entrepreneurs among others where his excellent command of writing and speaking skills has been his advantage, thanks to his multi-lingual skills.

Bruno Fagali has demonstrated that hard work and determination can be only way to achieve your goals. Since he started his career, Fagali has faced a lot of challenges but perceived them as stepping stones.

Back in 2007, Bruno Fagali represented clients from diverse fields such as consumer law, domestic and Family law, but he later concentrated in Advisory Public law.

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