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Breeze through Your day with these 10 Tips from UpWork

December 22, 2018 No Comments

We all have hectic days and need a little help sometimes to be more productive. Try these tips to increase your productivity and if you still need a little help checkout Upwork the world’s largest platform of freelances.

  1. Write everything down that you need to get done. If possible use a mobile app for this.
  2. Make your to-do list the night before and decide what task you will do first, so you don’t waste valuable time.
  3. Keep your tasks all written down in one place, so you don’t waste valuable time looking in multiple locations to see what you need to do.
  4. When you write them down attribute how much time they will take and when it would be best to do them, and how long the task should take to complete. By doing this, it will help you plan accurately. If you find yourself needing to do something you don’t have the skills to complete Upwork has freelancers with over 3500 skills they offer to help people achieve their tasks daily.
  5. Set priorities for your day and do the most urgent first. If you have too many high priority projects to complete at once, UpWork has people who do web development, design and graphics, writing, mobile development, virtual assistants, accounting, consulting, sales, and more.
  6. Re-evaluate your list. Some things may not really be necessary and should be deleted.
  7. Delegate work to others. Upwork has over 12 million registered users so you can find someone there to delegate tasks too.
  8. Break projects into smaller chunks to make them manageable. Clients post over 3 million jobs on UpWorks annually, so if you find yourself still not meeting your goals try posting a job on UpWork yourself and join the millions of satisfied customers.
  9. Do same tasks together, such as all your phone calls at once.
  10. Decide which tasks will require the most concentration and energy and do them when you are most productive.

These tips should increase your productivity, but if you still find yourself falling behind don’t forget about UpWork.

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