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Bob Reina: He Is A People Person

August 31, 2017 No Comments

One of the many things that make Bob Reina so appealing to so many people out there is his ability to connect with people. That has never been an issue for him and never will be an issue for him. When he meets someone, he forms an instant connection. He has that ability to really get to the heart of someone and find out what makes him or her tick, what makes him or her happy, and what makes him or her sad. He truly is invested in other people and their well-being. People don’t expect that from a founder and a CEO of an award-winning company, but Bob Reina is different in all the best possible ways. Learn more:


For Bob Reina, this is not just a job for him or a way to make a living as the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion since 2007. It is a lot more to him than that. It is a way of life for Bob Reina. He talks about being on a mission to change lives. That is not just some line that some PR person told him to say. That is how he truly feels about his all-in-one video communications company. He knows the power it has and he knows the abilities it has to truly impact the world and the people in it.


With some companies, after a certain amount of time, they tend to burn out or fade away. That is not the case with Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion. He keeps it fresh because he is fresh. He is also known for making a record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society, which was done out of the goodness of his heart. No one put him up to it or made him do it. He did it because it mattered to him. He loves animals and he wants to be able to make sure they are properly taken care of, as is the Humane Society.


He goes above and beyond for animals and for people. He is not looking for a thank you or for praise, either. That is not his motivation behind it. His motivation is heart.

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