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Betsy DeVos Never Settles

January 22, 2018 No Comments

Who says that people who have solicitude for others are extinct in this world? People who know Betsy DeVos certainly aren’t contributing to that belief pattern. Mrs. DeVos is a lot more than a member of President Donald Trump’s team. She’s a well-rounded individual in her own right. She’s been doing things her own way for many years, too. She’s now the United States Secretary of Education. She’s been diligently working on her political beliefs for ages now as well. Her political beliefs have been a big part of her identity since was a youthful college student. She went to Calvin College for her education. She has a bachelor of arts degree from the Grand Rapids, Michigan liberal arts institution.


There are many political activists out there who simply back single causes. DeVos definitely isn’t part of that category. There are so many subjects out there that make DeVos tick. There are many topics that make DeVos think in considerable detail as well. She’s been interested in educational reform for decades. Education has always been among her biggest priorities. DeVos is a mother who understands just how critical strong educations are for any and all kids. She used to feel bad any time she thought about fellow parents who weren’t able to provide their children with the strong educations they needed and deserved. She was well aware of the fact that she and her husband Dick had the wherewithal necessary to allow their children to attend the finest schools available. She was also keenly aware of the fact that most other parents in the United States honestly didn’t have that level of luxury. This didn’t make her feel happy at all. She found it unsettling and because of that has been a painstaking proponent of educational choice for a long time. She used to visit nearby schools and watch all of the students in action. Her husband accompanied her on these visits, too. The couple would often speak with parents who had similar aims and wishes for their children. They felt awful that these parents didn’t have the funds necessary to handpick their kids’ schools. DeVos doesn’t want any child in the United States to have to be restricted by his or her neighborhood, town or city. She wants to give all parents the opening to be able to discuss education with confidence.


DeVos is a respectable humanitarian. Dick is reminiscent of Betty in many ways. He is just like in that he always communicates his beliefs and wishes. He’s exactly like her in that his focus is unsurpassed. Once he sets out to do something, there’s no stopping him. The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation showcases the pair’s belief system. It confirms to the United States and to the world that these people are 100 percent serious. Dick and Betsy organized this foundation in the late eighties. This is a group that emphasizes solid leadership and its effects. It’s one that stresses boosting beneficial changes that encompass many sectors, too. Learn more:

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