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Are You Late to the Bitcoin Party? The Oxford Club Has Some Advice for You

December 7, 2017 No Comments

Is it too late to buy Bitcoin? You may be asking yourself that question if you are late to the Bitcoin party, so to speak. The year of 2017 has been a great one of Bitcoin investors. Bitcoin saw a lot of gains this year, silencing all the disbelieving investors who put it down when Bitcoin first came out. In fact, in reached the ten thousand dollar mark not long ago. However, just because 2017 was a great year for Bitcoin, that does not mean that next year will continue to see Bitcoin gains. It is possible that Bitcoin will fade away.

However, you should not let this fact discourage you. Although it is possible that Bitcoin is currently at its peak, and that it will not climb much higher before it starts declining, the fact is that there are many other cryptocurrencies out there that will start to rise as well. Cryptocurrencies are certainly the future of currency. More and more people and companies are using cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency out there. In the beginning days of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin was indeed the bulk of all cryptocurrencies. It accounted for ninety five percent of all cryptocurrencies, in fact. However, things have changed. Other cryptocurrencies that are based off Bitcoin, known as altcoins, have started to play a major role. In fact, Bitcoin now amounts to only half of the cryptocurrency industry.

Bitcoin is most often traded with Japanese Yen and Korean Won, which make up around three quarters of all bitcoin trading transactions. However, the American dollar is used as well. Many other economies are starting to look into Bitcoin. Again, Bitcoin is just an example of the future of cryptocurrencies in general.

The Oxford Club has eighty thousand members in over one hundred countries. It is a global network of successful investors and traders. They have unique principles and strategies that they teach their members in order to beat the market.

The Oxford Club has been around since 1989. They are based in Baltimore, Maryland.

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