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An Insight Into The Financial Tweaks From Igor Cornelson

October 9, 2018 No Comments

Igor Cornelsen is the most sought-after financial advisor in Brazil. Born and brought up in Curitiba, Brazil, he graduated from the Federal University Of Parana as an engineer. His interests in economics led to him to pursue a degree from the same university. He was good at crunching numbers and was a top student in his batch throughout his tenure in college.

He started his career in 1970, as an investment banker and by 1974 he was offered the position of a Board Member of the firm Multibanco. Igor Cornelson’s stint at Multibanco lasted for two years. After Bank of America acquired Multibanco in 1978, he left the firm to explore other opportunities. He ended up at Unibanco, a leading investment firm and left in1985 when the inflation rate increased dramatically. His next stop was Libra Bank, where he learned of the new opportunities in the market and gained good experience. Later, he became and Board Member of the Standard Chartered Bank and guided the course of the company for seven years.

Recently Igor Cornelsen shared his views on the current market and some unique fundamental strategies he used over the years. He believes investing in the market is a dangerous thing for an individual with no or very less understanding of the fundamentals. Igor Cornelson’s investment advice offers low-risk investments that provide a steady income.

His first advice is to never lose money in the first place. An individual should get rid of an investment if it is costing them money. He believes the purpose of investing is to make profits.

Another crucial factor to be considered is time. Igor believes that age is not a bar for making investments, but one who plans to invest should do it immediately, as there never comes the right time for the market to get better. Immediate investments increase the chances for high returns.

A diversified portfolio is a must for cutting down on the risks as it generates income from different sources. It should be a mix of both high risk and low-risk investments.

Igor Cornelson stays updated on the current market scenario as he religiously follows the news and reads newspapers and believes these inputs have improved his knowledge over the years. Igor Cornelsen: Article About This Person

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