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Alex Pall Getting Down to the Success Sound

November 9, 2018 No Comments

Alex Pal is one half of the Grammy award winning DJ duo, Chainsmokers. In 2016 they released the first ever song with one of them singing, Closer, which was very popular. They featured Halsey on the track. Unlike most DJ who hires vocalists and songwriters to give a human touch to their productions, Andrew Taggart the other half of the award-winning duo does the singing. It was a move away from the faceless DJ ideal, where the DJ is defined by the beats they craft and not their voice.


In an interview with Interview Magazine Alex Pall revealed that he and Taggart met through their current manager. While performing at an art gallery Alex realized that he was very involved in dance music and needed to try to make it more of a career. He had been performing around New York for a while as a side business but he realized he wanted to do something for work that meant he had fun at work. He quit his day job and Taggart moved from Maine and their exciting career began.


The duo worked out so well because they each understood what they could do that is they knew their strengths. While Drew is a very talented producer Alex had a lot of performing appointments and that worked in marketing their brand. They are both very driven and have the ambition to succeed and this means that they both work equally hard. Alex Pall emphasizes the fact that they are always talking to each other and this began as a discussion of what music they like growing up on to what projects will work for them in the market today.


Most of the duo’s songs are about their lives. Alex Pall pointed out during the interview that they want their music to be about them and have a part of them in it. They enjoyed working with Halsey on Closer and consider her the type of artist they want to continue working with in future.


About Alex Pall


Alex Pall is a DJ, Songwriter and singer who is part of the DJ duo Chainsmokers. He lives in Los Angeles in a 3600 Square foot home that was built in the early 20th Century (1930s).