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Aiming for the skies in communication, Securus Technologies.

November 4, 2017 No Comments

Venturing into the risky prison waters is Securus Technologies, a bold company that has found a home in an unlikely territory. This company saw the need for communication between inmates and their loved ones and made a move to explore it. Now the company is reaping its benefits all the way to the bank.


The communications company provides its services to 3,450 penitentiaries holding over a million inmates in a total of 45 states. Securus has further ventured outside America into Mexico, Columbia, and Canada. By every right, one of the biggest companies facilitating inmate communications, Securus Technologies is also involved in offering solutions on information to the government and tracking of former inmates on parole.

With its eyes set on availing communication needs in correctional facilities, this company has invested heavily in an efficient customer service and unique technical communication solutions. It was revealed that Securus had invested well beyond $600 million towards patents and advanced technology all in just three years. It holds its office headquarters in Texas, Dallas with two smaller office branches in Atlanta Georgia and Metro area Dallas.


Securus began in 1986 and has grown better as a communications service provider to where it is now. The company has a staff count of over 1000, which translates to quicker more efficient service delivery. Broadening its boundaries, this company sought to venture beyond telecommunications for detainees on to other advanced software, high-tech and government services.


Some of the ventures that have proved enticing are in vertical markets such as,

  • Money transfer services
  • Inmate education
  • Parolee monitoring
  • Detainee healthcare
  • Advanced telecommunication
  • Wireless solutions for containment
  • Jail management software
  • Law enforcement data Analytics
  • Public safety software, among many others.


Chief Executive officer and Chairman of Securus Richard A. Smith, acknowledged his pride in his company’s’ performance noting that the company has made huge contributions towards a safer society.


He shared comments from letters sent to him by inmates in prisons throughout America which pointed as follows, “I look forward to more of the same breakthroughs in technology and the same awesome customer service that we have received since day one.”

Another comment said, “I have found Securus to be consistently innovative and standing on the forefront of the industry.”

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