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Adam Milstein Uses Memes in a Philanthropic Way

August 7, 2017 No Comments

Adam Milstein is not your typical philanthropist. Many philanthropists use there time and often vast fortunes to do good in the world for the causes that they see deserving. While Adam Milstein does this as well, he also is hosting a Meme competition. Milstein’s foundation aims to aid organizations that help Jewish people, Israel and fosters a relationship between Israel and the United States. So how do Memes and and a pro-Israel philanthropist go together you may ask? Adam Milstein is hosting a Meme competition in which the first prize is $2,000.

The competition ties to Israel by stipulating that in order for your meme to be considered for the top prize it must be pro-Israel related and advance Adam Milstein’s causes in some way. The competition garnering a ton of support from high school and college students began taking entries on July 28th at 6 am and thousands of memes have already been submitted. The public will be voting for the top meme in the competition starting on August 3rd at 5 am Eastern Standard Time and voting will close at midnight on August 14th.

Adam Milstein is a fan himself of memes and feels it gives a modern and witty outlook on a cause that he cares so deeply about. As the founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, Milstein is trying to engage the youngest generations and show them that social media can be a powerful political and philanthropic tool that can be used not only entertainment but also for the good of humanity. Adam Milstein is far from a typical philanthropic figure. He jumps at the opportunity to garner support from people of all ages for pro-Israeli organizations that seek to help in some of the most momentous ways. Adam Milstein is certainly not your typical philanthropist but in the modern age he is doing all things in his power to advance a cause that means the world to him in a new and fun way.