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Academy of Art University Empowers Students Through Art and Athletics

April 28, 2019 No Comments

Academy of Art University combines art with athletics to cultivate positive attributes in its learners. As much as artists and athletes can be perceived as two different elements, they both help students learn important lessons that can help them succeed in life. Creating art and playing sports cultivates strengths that are similar and distinct. Taking a closer look, here is a breakdown of the similarities between art students and athlete students.

Handling criticism

While talent can contribute immensely to the success of a person in either art or athletics, a coach, mentor or instructor needs to be available to teach them and nurture their talents. One way they are taught is through criticism. Students who take part in art or athletic activities need to know how to handle criticism; accept it, take it with gratitude and turn it to their advantage.

Time-management skills

To live up with the saying ‘practice makes perfect’, artists and athletes free up some time to practice. They have to plan their day and prioritize tasks. Solid time management determines how successful they can be in what they do. At the end of the day, they will have time management skills that will not only help them in their artistic and athletic endeavors, but also in other endeavors in their lives. When establishing Academy of Art University in 1929, Richard Stephens had a mission of establishing an entity which helped students learn skills they need to become professionals.

Effective communication skills

Students learn how to communicate effectively to succeed in art and athletics. Effective communication entails listening and understanding and successful artists and athletics find it easy to express themselves and their passions.

Good organizational skills

In each step of the way, specific tools, instruction, and materials are required. These materials needs to be assorted and organized. Art and athletics helps students to have sound organizational skills to have projects completed.

A healthy ambition

Sense of ambition brings together athletes and artists. They leverage self-drive skills to create something of significance for themselves. Ambition drives artists and athletes alike. Ambition pushes them to manage their time well and do well in their endeavors. No wonder Academy of Art University embarked on this path. So far, its graduates have been hired by top companies such as Apple.

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