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Betsy DeVoss Experiences On Being A Political And Educational Reformer

March 27, 2018 Philanthropy No Comments

Betsy DeVos is not a stranger to reform. The wife of the former Amway CEO, Dick DeVos, is a member of the rich Prince family who studied at Calvin College. Early on, she got herself involved in campus politics and after graduation has remained politically active. Betsy has led various political action committees, party organizations […]

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Jeunesse Unique Products Enhance Your Body Morning and Night

March 22, 2018 Business, People, Women in Business No Comments

The decision by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray to launch Jeunesse on September 9, 2009, precisely at 9:00 P.M., was to send a clear message that their company’s goal was to represent longevity as the number “nine” symbolizes. The intention behind the concept for the launch of Jeunesse was to provide consumers all around the […]

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Enhanced Athlete Takes Athletes To The Next Level And Beyond

March 17, 2018 Weight Loss Pill No Comments

Enhanced Athlete   Serious athletes require high quality nutritional products that are effective. A lot of the products on the market simply do not work. One of the exceptions is Enhanced Athlete. This is a research and wellness company producing the best possible products  for athletes. Their proceeds are for the creation of new products […]

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